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Doordeck Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4

Doordeck is a smartphone-based access control platform and the world's only true manufacturer agnostic platform, allowing users to open doors or any other network connected device. By using their phone's inbuilt NFC reader or via a QR code, users can unlock a door in a fraction of a second over WiFi or cellular instead of using a key card or key fob.

What makes Doordeck unique is how it's installed. Unlike 'smart locks', which require existing infrastructure to be ripped out and replaced, Doordeck is the world's first and only platform that can be rolled out to a building without needing ANY new hardware. 

It means if you're running a building that's already set up with keycards and access control — Doordeck can roll out smartphone access to that entire building securely, without any downtime or new hardware, all in under 15 minutes.

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