Airport Show
13 - 15 May 2025

Dubai's Aviation Showcase Sets New Course

In the heart of Dubai, where innovation meets the skies, a transformative event is about to take off. The Airport Show 2024, the leading event in the MEASA region dedicated to the airports industry, is ready to unfold, promising to be a showcase that charts a new course for the industry. As the aviation sector emerges from the challenges of the past, the stage is set for Dubai to redefine the future of flight. Join us as we embark on a journey through this dynamic event to shape the aviation landscape of tomorrow.

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Uniting the Aviation Ecosystem

As the aviation industry, under the visionary leadership of Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, witnesses a remarkable resurgence in recent times, the focus has shifted towards harnessing disruptive technologies to redefine the future of airports and enhance the on-ground aspects of air travel. This transformation is driven by two key objectives: meeting the evolving needs of today's air travelers and future-proofing aviation facilities to ensure passenger safety and seamless experience.

The 23rd edition of The Airport Show, scheduled to be held in Dubai from the 14th to the 16th of May 2024, presents an unparalleled opportunity for stakeholders within the aviation ecosystem to head towards an innovation and sustainability-driven future.

The event, with the support of the region's aviation authorities, promises to foster greater collaboration among key players in the aviation industry, including airports, airlines, and air navigation service providers. Over its two-decade history, The Airport Show has evolved into a premier B2B platform, playing a pivotal role in driving innovation and aligning with regional demands and emerging industry trends. It reflects the vision of Dubai's leadership to maintain and consolidate the region's leading position for growth, investment, and innovation in aviation.

Co-Located Events

In 2024, the Airport Show will once again unite four co-located events: the Global Airport Leaders’ Forum, Women in Aviation Middle East Chapter Conference, Airport Security Middle East, and the ATC Forum. These events act as dynamic knowledge-sharing hubs, spotlighting aviation's latest innovations, driving the adoption of top and trending business solutions, and also supporting gender diversity and inclusivity in the aviation industry in recognition of the growing importance of women in key positions.

Leading players in the region's aviation sector, including the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Dubai Airports, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, Emirates, the Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), and dnata, confirmed their continued support to The Airport Show and its co-located events. They recognise these events' transformative potential, enhancing airport facilities to meet passenger expectations while promoting safety, security, and the overall travel experience.

Among the event's highlights is the following:

  • Global Airport Leaders’ Forum, which brings together industry visionaries from across the globe to discuss aviation's future and key trends shaping the industry.

  • Women in Aviation Middle East Chapter Conference, a notable co-located event, champions gender diversity and inclusivity within the aviation sector, recognising the growing influence of women in pivotal aviation roles.

  • Airport Security Middle East addresses critical airport security concerns, exploring cutting-edge technologies and strategies to safeguard passengers and airport facilities.

  • The ATC Forum, or Air Traffic Control Forum, plays a vital role in enhancing air traffic management, ensuring efficient and seamless air travel.

The Airport Show 2024 in Dubai signifies a pivotal moment in aviation. It serves as a centre for innovation, collaboration, and visionary thinking, all aimed at forging a new era of growth for the industry. With active participation from industry leaders and the vibrant spirit of Dubai, this event promises to chart an exciting and sustainable path for the future of air travel.

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