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Dubai's Flying Taxi Terminal, a Peek into the Future

Skyports Infrastructure Vertiport Terminal 1 (© Dubai Media Office)

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, has already approved plans for the next transportation's vertiports, meaning that flying taxis will take off in Dubai by 2026. It follows the announcement of the terminal at the World Government Summit 2023.

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A deeper look into the DXB vertiport

Skyports Infrastructure Vertiport Terminal 2 (© Dubai Media Office)

Foster + Partners collaborated with Skyports Infrastructure to develop the Vertiport terminal for electric flying taxis, which is situated near Dubai International Airport (DXB).

The DXB vertiport is one of four potential sites for an eVTOL infrastructure network being considered by Skyports Infrastructure and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the emirate.

The goal of Dubai’s futuristic flying taxi terminal is to combine the nation’s public transportation system with a brand-new mobility service powered by cutting-edge technology. This will make it simpler for people to travel around the city in a way that is both safe and rapid, while also being environmentally friendly.

As per Foster + Partners Head of Studio David Summerfield:

“We are delighted to have developed a vertiport concept for the emerging AAM          industry, which will transform the way people travel in Dubai. The conceptual          vertiport connects with Dubai International Airport and the Dubai Metro, to          provide seamless, sustainable travel across the city for international and domestic passengers.”

The vertiport will connect to preexisting transportation nodes and serve as a high-speed, zero-emissions network connecting the emirate's most popular locations. Dubai Metro and the Dubai International Airport are both part of RTA Dubai. In this regard, DXB and the RTA Dubai underground systems are included.

The futuristic layout

Skyports Infrastructure Vertiport Terminal 3 (© Dubai Media Office)

Skyports Infrastructure Vertiport Terminal 4 (© Dubai Media Office)

As shown in its proposals, the structure is landscaped and designed to complement the nearby metro station. A sophisticated palette of warm, natural materials is used to design the interior areas, making for a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

To make takeoffs and landings easier, the planned terminal would be built on a raised platform. The building completely encircles the airfield, making it possible to connect the arrival and departure lounges while also providing breathtaking panoramas of the airport's planes and the city. The overhanging roof and the slant of the façade work together to shield the structure from direct sunlight and keep it from being too hot inside.

Advantage brought by Dubai's Flying Taxi Terminal 

Aerial taxis have the distinct advantage of being able to take off and land vertically. Furthermore, these taxis are sustainable, environmentally friendly vehicles that are driven by electricity. As a result, they release no hazardous emissions into the atmosphere.

With this sustainable and technological advancement, the future of air travel, urban air mobility, and passenger experience would be enhanced. Users will have access to a novel and pleasurable form of transportation with comfortable, air-conditioned facilities designed to the highest international safety standards.

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