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Dubai Reveals Vision for Al Maktoum International Airport

(Photo Credit: CNN Travel)

The UAE intends to transform one of its most advanced aviation facilities, the Al Maktoum International Airport into the biggest airport in the world. According to Dubai Airports, the aviation authority operating Dubai International (DXB) and the new airport, when Al Maktoum International completes its construction, it will be capable of handling over 260 million people and 15 million metric tonnes of freight each year.

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The Masterplan for the Al Maktoum International Airport

(Photo Credit: CNN Travel)

Al Maktoum International Airport is at Dubai World Central and aims to transform and keep up with increasing passenger demand.   Instrumental to this goal is the Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP), the government arm responsible for designing, masterplanning, creating infrastructure, and constructing Dubai's burgeoning aviation sector.

Located about 20 miles southwest of downtown Dubai, the new "greenfield" airport was designed with the great intention of being the world's largest and busiest aviation hub in the near future. The objective of this project remains unchanged: to build a futuristic mega-centre that protects Dubai's role as a critical node in the global economy while avoiding any possible capacity limits.

Al Maktoum International (DWC) is well-positioned not merely to meet Dubai's growing passenger traffic estimates but also to emerge as a worldwide aviation innovation hub. It will also usher in a new age of advanced airport technology and passenger-centric services.

The West Terminal at DWC will serve both origin and destination passengers, with separate spaces for first-, business-, and economy-class passengers. A 14-station Automated People Mover (APM) will carry passengers between terminals and concourses, speeding connections and optimising travel itineraries.

Given that, DWC’s masterplan includes the following:

  • 65 square kilometre airport footprint

  • 19.4 million total built-up square kilometres of facilities

  • Four megastructure concourses that will attend to passengers with 400 contact gates

  • Two large terminals at the west and east sides of its passenger terminal building

  • Five parallel runways which will be equipped with cutting-edge aircraft guiding system

  • Smart systems that will be used to improve airport operations

  • Passenger-centred facilities that will provide comfort and improve passenger journey

  • Application of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards 

Reaching new heights in aviation

Al Maktoum International Airport stands out as an example of innovation and convenience in the thriving global aviation landscape. With a dedication to passenger happiness, this airport project exemplifies Dubai's relentless quest for excellence in aviation. Travellers departing from its terminals have a smooth and enjoyable experience, setting new standards for airports throughout the world. 

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