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India's Top 10 Airport Projects Revealed

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According to GlobalData's construction database, India's air transport industry is the third largest in passenger volume and one of the fastest expanding. India's airport building project pipeline is the second most lucrative in Asia and South Asia, at over $32 billion, after China. These endeavours collectively command an investment of over $15 billion.

Here are the ten biggest airport developments in India:

1. The Chennai International Airport renovation, worth $345 million (Rs 28 billion), is an India project. Two runways and three terminals are on the site, with one finishing construction in April 2023. The new integrated terminal will replace terminals 2 and 3 after its second stage, increasing the airport's capacity to 23 million passengers. Plans to create a third runway were halted by the proposal of a new greenfield airport in nearby Parandur. A new integrated cargo terminal will grow the airport's cargo capacity from 35,920m² to 54,620m², in addition to passenger-focused developments. Overall, construction should be completed in 2024.


2. Mysore Airport's $420 million (Rs 34 billion) runway upgrade from 1,740m to 2,750m and 2,795m will let the airport to accommodate Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 jets. At the west end of the runway, there is a train line, and at the east end, there is a national highway. For the second extension, it would be necessary to move these. The station in Mysore can only hold 200 people at a time, or 190,000 people a year. However, due to the extension of the runway, the government has decided to upgrade the station at Mysore to an international airport. The government plans to complete the project by 2027.


3. Bhogapuram Greenfield International Airport, also known as GMR Visakhapatnam International Airport, began construction in May 2023 and is slated to finish in early 2025. The airport will span 2,203 acres with one terminal and a 3,800-metre runway. After Phase 1, it will service 6 million passengers a year and 18 million after Phase 3.


4. Larsen and Toubro and Megawide Construction Corporation are expanding the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, India's first greenfield airport, to increase its capacity to 30 million passengers in 2023. During recent renovations, Rajiv Gandi International added 83 parking spaces to its two runways and huge integrated passenger terminal.


5. The proposal for Lalitpur Airport aims to utilise a WWII airfield that has been abandoned. However, in March 2021, Uttar Pradesh approved one plan for the land. It will initially serve smaller aircraft as a domestic airport but could become an international destination.

6. By 2010, Indira Gandhi International Airport's $1.3 billion (Rs 115 billion) expansion was nearly complete with the third terminal opening. They added a freight terminal and will build a fourth parallel runway in September 2023. To reduce traffic at Indira Gandhi International, Noida International Airport is being built.


7. Kempegowda International, which is India's third-largest airport, is growing. Over the next ten years, a second terminal and a third runway will be added. Terminal 2 opened in January, and after the second part of construction, the airport will be able to handle 55 million more passengers each year.


8. As the second airport in the metropolitan area, Navi Mumbai International Airport will join India's second-largest airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Construction of the new airport will cover 1,160 hectares. Planners have included a local and foreign cargo terminal, two runways, and three passenger terminals in the construction plans. After construction begins in 2025, it will accommodate 25 million passengers a year. The third phase will handle 90 million passengers annually upon its completion in 2035.


9. In response to rising passenger numbers, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport will expand with a third passenger terminal and a cargo terminal. Suroj Buildcon Pvt. was contracted by Adani Airport Holdings to build the project, which began in mid-2022 and is slated to conclude in 2026.


10. Starting in 2021, the Noida International Airport is India's biggest airport project so far. The construction of the Noida International Airport is expected to be completed by 2040. Zurich Airport International AG's company, Yamuna International Airport Private Limited, has begun constructing it.

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