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13 - 15 May 2025

Midfield Terminal in Abu Dhabi will open in late 2023

The much-anticipated Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal is expected to open on December 2, in time for the UAE National Day celebrations.

The Midfield Terminal was built in 2012 and was supposed to finish in 2017, but various issues caused major delays. Former CEO Bryan Thompson declared the project over 97% complete in 2019. It was also noted that Terminals 1 and 2 will be permanently closed, while Terminal 3 may reopen during peak times or become a budget carrier terminal. A road tunnel connecting the midfield terminal to the old terminal, facilitating passenger transfers, and a satellite boarding concourse were also mentioned in the report, along with an existing tunnel that can support an APM (Automated People Mover).

It was also reported that Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise was the first passenger in the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal in June. This event has marked a significant milestone for the Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal.

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