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13 - 15 May 2025

More Passengers Expected to Travel in Abu Dhabi; Airports Must Prepare for Demand

Recent decrease in COVID restrictions and more demand for travel cause of airport traffic, Airport World reports.

An estimate of 2.8 million passengers is expected to pass through the Abu Dhabi airports, with around 414, 000 specifically during July and August. This coincides with the recent holidays like Eid Al Adha.

Earlier this year, Abu Dhabi Airports also reported that an increase of 218% passengers were seen during the first three months of the year, in comparison to the same quarter period last 2021. Reports of travellers came from the following countries:

  • India = 515, 927
  • Pakistan = 253, 874
  • United Kingdom = 170, 620
  • Saudi Arabia = 137, 582
  • Egypt = 127, 009

It is no surprise that the Dubai aviation industry is experiencing an uptick of travellers after months of lockdown. More and more events are opening from this year till next year, including the Airport Show, making travel more than necessary for people alike.

Dubai aviation industry post-pandemic

Contactless technology, biometrics, and remote operations experienced an upsurge of use during the pandemic. It can be expected that the Dubai aviation industry will continue to use these types of technology. While the current post-pandemic situation is still at an unsuspecting course, it is vital the industry prepares for the situation wherever it may lead to. Facial recognition, for example, has reduced passenger waiting times, allowing travellers to go through airports in a matter of seconds. 

The Airport Show Takes the Lead

Airport technology constantly evolves, enabling passengers to travel seamlessly. The Dubai Airport Industry must always take the lead when it comes to transition and adoption of the newest technology in aviation. Interested in learning more about airports and the Dubai aviation industry? Don’t miss the world’s largest annual airport event, the Airport Show. This event will be on 9 - 11 May 2023 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Sign up now to learn more about the exciting future of airport technology!

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