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4 Steps to Safe and Successful Airport Operations during a Pandemic

Density management and physical distancing are two of the major challenges facing airport operators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Airports must keep their terminals safe for passengers as well as their own employees, all while maintaining operational efficiency.

In recent months, DTP has worked very closely with their global partners on analyzing these emerging business needs and has identified four steps that are key to providing a protected and seamless travel experience:

  1. Model and Simulate
  2. Plan and Optimize
  3. Monitor
  4. Predict and Inform

As master system integrators, DTP are able to provide a hybrid offering consisting of best-of-breed solutions—from their own and their partners’ portfolios that will maximize the business benefits earned by customers.

Model and Simulate

DTP has partnered with Dassault Systèmes (3DS) to offer the 3DS Virtual Twin to airports where they can model, simulate, and analyze what-if scenarios on a digital replica of their airports before actually implementing them.

They can perform virtual testing to simulate the airflow within their airport terminals, and test the best layout that will minimize potential virus propagation in the air as well as enable the fastest throughput across airport touchpoints.

Plan and Optimize

With the introduction of thermal scanning and medical testing, and the modified layout in areas like check-in and security scanning, airports must optimize the passenger flow across its terminals. The ultimate goal is to meet the target levels of service while maintaining proper crowd management.

DTP has developed a passenger flow modeling and optimization solution based on the 3DS DELMIA Quintiq platform. The model takes into account multiple factors and constraints, like physical distancing, average processing times, dynamic walking distance, and so on. The solution then presents the best possible plan for all touchpoints, such as the number of security and passport control lanes to be opened.


Once the passenger flow plan is optimized using the DELMIA Quintiq platform, the airport management needs to validate that the respective KPIs and levels of service are met in reality.

DTP works closely with Xovis in offering its 3D sensors and modules that allow airports to monitor the status of each touchpoint, such as crowd density, open or closed counters, queue lengths, and average waiting/processing times.

Furthermore, the solution has been enhanced to monitor if physical distancing is being observed among passengers.

Predict and Inform

After the passenger monitoring solution is implemented, the data needs to be presented to the airport management and stakeholders.

tNexus Airport View is a state-of-the-art mobile application that presents a single source of truth, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the right information at the right time. The mobile app offers an array of information and communication tools that enable stakeholders to collaborate and make informed decisions.

Among its host of features, it allows the creation of custom notification channels, where COVID-19 alerts can be shared.

Through its APIs, it can receive data from multiple systems within the aviation ecosystem, including thermal cameras and passenger monitoring solutions, and present the latest KPIs and measurements to all stakeholders. It has a powerful, built-in analytical engine that can process all data received and predict operational exceptions before they happen.

It provides a holistic view of all the touchpoints’ status and predicts long queues before they happen based on historical data.

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