Airport Show
13 - 15 May 2025

Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

Agriquip Simulator

Agriquip offers a real-time immersive simulation of both ramp driving and the aircraft‑ docking operation.

The simulator developed feeds a degree of realistic motion to the simulator driver, thereby replicating the effects and sensations that would be experienced on the ramp itself. Driving tools o­ffer several options: there is free driving, a program that evaluates how a trainee operates a vehicle in the airport area. There is also assessment driving, whereby the reverse parking skills of a driver can be checked. Defensive driving, as the name suggests, tests and evaluates a driver’s behaviour while he or she is subject to various unexpected or sudden situations.

Operational training is also available. Docking and equipment operation training is designed to assist the trainee driver on docking procedures and equipment operation across a comprehensive range of GSE. ­ is embraces van and bus driving, lower deck/ high deck loader operation, towbar connection, conveyor belt operation, bag tractor and refuelling truck driving, as well as pushback operation. ­ is latter package is impressive, offering as it does a realistic pushback feel and the chance to liaise with the headset man and wingwalkers. The tool further allows for practice with anything up to an A380 and includes instruction on the connection of the towbar by the headset man, aircraft engine start sequence and towing angle limitation for total realism. Included, too, is a shear pin element that replicates a shear incident should the towing angle be exceeded. As with other ramp scenarios, an assessment report is made available at the end of the session.

Nabil Khairi Abd Jalil, the company’s Senior Manager, relates that the simulator was a collaboration between a local company and Agriquip. They started developing simulators for vehicles in 2002 and have sold them to several companies in Malaysia, including a city bus company and the Malaysian armed forces. ­ The airside simulator was developed in 2017, and they have supplied them locally and abroad. Their latest customer is a ground handler in the Middle East.”

Pos Aviation is also Agriquip client – Managing Director Yusaini bin Yasin said. “­The simulator is a training platform that is available round the clock – and it is weatherproof. It brings many types of GSE into one room and is accessible by all. ­ The unit has full  flexibility to conduct training because we do not have to have the actual equipment to conduct the training. Moreover, this can facilitate training schedules – slots are available at any time. With many types of GSE in operation for our company, the system is upgradable if we change a make or model. “Safety-wise, it provides less risk exposure compared to training on live aircraft and we can have as many as five types of GSE in one simulator unit, so we don’t have to purchase five different programs.”

Visit them on Stand: 3010

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