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13 - 15 May 2025

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Avantgarde™ | IP-based Virtual Fence

Avantgarde™ is a unique Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) designed for the protection of Critical Infrastructures (Avantgarde™ meets the highest security standard > Environmental Class IV, Grade 4 - Risk HIGH, ed.).

Unique Bi-Directional Infrared Technology

Avantgarde™ increases perimeter security creating a Virtual Fence close (or on Top) of the boundary wall up to 200m per zone (each set). 


Equipped with SICURIT last generation of Digital Bi-Directional Infrared Technology, Avantgarde™ it’s the only of its kind able to perform in any environmental conditions including those affected by strong sunlight reflections. Only in very critical environments (thick fog) is recommended to limit range up to 100m to avoid disqualification functions.

Easy and Cost-Effective to Install

Thanks to brand new PoE+ versions, Avantgarde™ easily integrates with new or existing IP Networks via a single Ethernet cable. This makes installations faster, decreases the hazards associated with typical electrical work and dramatically reduces overall costs of installation.

Highly Reliable

SICURIT has almost three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing perimeter sensors, and Avantgarde™ is the class-leading solution of accumulated knowledge. Each Infrared Beam module has been designed to fit human bodies detection either in both walking/running intrusion and crawling under attempts. Additionally, thanks to the matrix-based configuration software,  multiple Infrared Beam detection scenarios can be created to optimize the discrimination between human intrusion. behavior and animal activities.

End To End Integration

Avantgarde™ is the only Virtual Fence that can be integrated end-to-end in any security platform by means of bi-directional API or Modbus TCP protocol. Additionally it is the only already directly integrated in Genetec™ Security Center. Thanks to the Sicurit® IP Native PIDS - Genetec™ Gateway security operators can monitor Avantgarde™ directly from the Genetec™ Security Center without the need of any additional security management platform which would result, at this level, just useless.

Easy to Maintain - Predictive Maintenance Tools

Avantgarde ™ requires very low maintenance activities, depending on its operating environment it may requires time to time an external front-cover cleaning to remove dust or sand. Using the SEA software tool (Signal Efficiency Analysis), periodic maintenance activities are not required as Avantgarde™ will promptly notify, with prior advance notice, the needs of such intervention.


Avantgarde™ Alarms and complete diagnostic can be fully monitored remotely via HyperPower™ Alarm and event management platform which also allows integration into third party VMS/PSIM via SDK.  


Avantgarde™ is a fully scalable, cost-effective and easy to install and integrate PIDS solution for any high perimeter security control requirement with a robust but elegant design that can be personalized (color and decorative elements) with minimum environmental impact.