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13 - 15 May 2025

Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

Ranger 15 High-speed Cargo Loader from JBT

The Ranger 15 is a robust 7 tonne (15,000 pound) diesel or all-electric cargo loader from JBT designed for fast moving cargo transfer operations.

Easy to Operate

The Ranger 15 increases the productivity of cargo operations by being able to drive quickly between different parts of the airport while still being highly precise and controllable around the aircraft where maneuverability and safety are critical, helping shorten aircraft turn times and increasing efficiencies.  Equipped with Aircraft Proximity Detection (APD) options, the Ranger 15 can assist the operator in protecting the aircraft, the loader and personnel from unwanted contact.  It has great mobility with a tight turn radius to help quicken the entire cargo transfer process.

Easy to Maintain

Helping to increase loader availability and operational efficiency, the Ranger 15 has been designed for truly easy maintenance.  The loader is equipped with PDM Assisted Diagnostics to simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting.  Access to vital components and maintenance points is enhanced with swing-out engine / battery modules and fold-down side panels.  Key electrical and hydraulic servicing can be completed while standing beside the unit – all helping to maximize machine uptime.

Highly Reliable

JBT has decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining aircraft cargo loaders, and the Ranger 15 is the class-leading product of that accumulated knowledge.  Electric designs are fitted with 48kWh Lithium-ion batteries.  The Ranger 15 comes with a smooth-riding, shock absorbing suspension to reduce wear and vibration while traveling at the unit’s higher speeds.  Throughout the unit, robust and proven components provide excellent operational reliability.

Supporting the customer after the sale is JBT’s global network of parts and technical staff.  Training is available in an on-line format to educate operators and maintenance personnel wherever they might be located.


Once the passenger flow plan is optimized using the DELMIA Quintiq platform, the airport management needs to validate that the respective KPIs and levels of service are met in reality.

DTP works closely with Xovis in offering its 3D sensors and modules that allow airports to monitor the status of each touchpoint, such as crowd density, open or closed counters, queue lengths, and average waiting/processing times.

Furthermore, the solution has been enhanced to monitor if physical distancing is being observed among passengers.


The Ranger 15 is optimized for productivity with a smoother ride, smaller footprint and tight-turning radius.  Today’s growing airports and cargo operations are often spread over a large area.  Cargo loaders need to be where the work is and get there quickly.  The Ranger 15 does just that.  With the Ranger 15’s design improvements and features, a single Ranger 15 can do the work of multiple conventional loaders.  The Ranger 15 can improve productivity with higher operating speeds, great mobility, easy maintenance, and JBT reliability and product support.

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