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At Vilnius Airport, a prototype electric passenger bus is being tested

Source: Saunders, E. (2022, January 19). Prototype Electric Passenger Bus Is Being Tested At Vilnius Airport. Airside International.

The Dancer prototype electric bus, built in Lithuania, is undergoing passenger transit testing at Vilnius Airport. Elektrinio Transporto Sistemos, a subsidiary of Vjo Projektai, is developing the fully environmentally friendly prototype as part of a project supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund. Lithuanian Airports, a Net Zero project participant, are striving to reduce emissions by providing ground handling services electric vehicles due to EU's Green Deal and stricter environmental standards. Elektrinio transporto sistemos, Vilnius Airport, and Litcargus signed a tripartite agreement to achieve this goal. The results of the Dancer bus's operation at Vilnius Airport will be used to improve the vehicle's technological specifications and construction, according to Alvydas Naujkas, CEO of Vjo Projektai. 

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