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Stuttgart Airport encourages research towards the production of environmentally friendly synthetic kerosene

Stuttgart Airport will conduct an economic and technological feasibility study as part of its STRzero climate strategy, in collaboration with the state of Baden-Württemberg, SCHWENK Zement, and SkyNRG, to determine how environmentally friendly synthetic kerosene for sustainable aviation fuel can be produced from green hydrogen and process-related carbon dioxide (CO2) from cement manufacturing. They will also study the approvability of SCHWENK’s proposed plant in Baden-Württemberg which appears to be an appealing region for Maarten van Dijk, Chief Development Officer of SkyNRG for the development of such an aviation fuel station.

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Source: Saunders, E. (2022, February 17). Stuttgart Airport Supports Study On the Production Climate-friendly Synthetic Kerosene. Airline Ground Services.