Airport Show
13 - 15 May 2025

Innovation Hub Exhibitors


BUK Protocol is a solution stack focused on tokenizing dynamic real-world assets like event tickets, airline bookings, and hotel reservations. It enables sourcing, tokenization, reselling, and consumption of these assets, offering benefits for asset owners such as new revenue streams from trading assets, improved distribution, enriched consumer experiences, diversified market offerings, aggregated inventory, and liquidity consolidation.

BUK Technology Inc was established in 2022 with an objective to harness the potential of Web3/Blockchain for real world industries dealing in dynamic assets.  

BUK empowers travel organizations or retailers to enable trading of their bookings, tickets, membership passes, subscriptions and coupons. Any organizations dealing with assets with an expiry date can use BUK protocol to unlock secondary market trading for their assets which will earn them passive income in form of royalties. Airlines, lounges, and duty-free or other forms of retail organizations can leverage BUK’s stack.    


Penguinpass puts guests at the heart of the experience, whether in sports venues, fashion events, or airport lounges, ensuring seamless, personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

Penguinpass predictive models are the result of an ongoing commitment to the evolution of AI. We use machine learning algorithms, including advanced regression approaches and neural networks, to analyze historical data and accurately predict event attendance flows. Machine learning allows us to constantly refine models, improving their ability to anticipate event dynamics and adapt to the changing needs of organizers and attendees. This rich source of information further enriches our predictive models, providing a detailed overview of event dynamics and guest preferences.


AR Engineering is a leader in 3D Augmented Reality software technology.

Founded in 2019, AR Engineering is an Emirati software development company specializing in 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Recognized as a Future 100 Company by the UAE Ministry of Economy and venture-backed by Boeing and the Tawazun Council, the company revolutionizes learning and professional development across various sectors with its immersive AR solutions.

With a significant influence on major organizations in various sectors, like aerospace, defense, oild and gas, medical, and academia, AR Engineering is pioneering learning and professional development transformation through immersive AR solutions.


Spark is the first comprehensive Al powered digital solution for the valet parking industry. Spark empowers operators and managers with tools to enhance their operations. Valet parking users enjoy a seamless, efficient, and convenient parking experience.

Established in 2021, Spark is a paperless alternative with a focus on maintaining a digital trail of all financial and operational transactions, complimenting to your digital transformation efforts. 


SparkleHaze is a solution provider of WooHoo® X-Series, an award-winning enterprise-grade voice AI assistant speaker for the hospitality industry.

The WooHoo® Voice AI Assistant speakers (powered by Sound by JBL) combine a phone, alarm clock, speakers, tablets and voice assistant into an all-in-one device and brings the convenience of contactless in-room ordering and automation using just voice commands. Guests can also make phone calls and check F&B menu digitally directly on the WooHoo® device. It is integrated with more than 100+ Travel & hospitality technology solutions, including property management systems, in-room automation, housekeeping, point of sales systems, and PBX.

With Travel and Hospitality booming, the need for an In-Room Digital AI Assistants is increasing to digitize and automate to enhance the Guest Experience, help with Personalization and Sustainability.


Sencity Corporation introduces SencityOS, an AI interactive operating system for living spaces.  Sencity effectively brings the concept of future living spaces to the present, reimagining our living spaces.

Their software and hardware solutions unlock the potential of urban environments by creating dynamic, interactive experiences within established spaces, enhancing information interactions and making public spaces more engaging and accessible.                            

Sencity effectively brings the concept of future living spaces to the present, reimagining our living spaces. 


Deal Engine is a Miami-based travel software company that uses artificial intelligence to automate ticket refunds and exchanges. We help airlines and travel agencies to eliminate all manual processes – immediately reducing costs and improving the travelers' experience.

Deal Engine uses artificial intelligence to automate refunds and exchanges for airlines and online travel agencies. Our APIs and UI eliminate all manual processes, reduce costs, and improve the travelers’ experience. Deal Engine’s pay-for-success business model is 100% transaction-based, ensuring constant incentive alignment and value creation. 

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