Airport Show
13 - 15 May 2025

Innovation Trail Exhibitors

Product Description: 

The ITW GSE 3500 PCA automatically adapts its airflow to the exact aircraft type, not only the aircraft category. The 3500 is built on interchangeable cooling modules that can be switched in just 20 minutes. ITW GSE's modular design offers great efficiency and reliability in a point-of-use PCA.

Exhibitor Name: ITW GSE

Stand No.: S2210

Product Description:

WEIHAI’s 50Hz Mobile Energy Storage System (MESS)
WEIHAI's 50Hz Mobile Energy Storage System (MESS) is a mobile plug-and-play energy storage system that transports electricity from a charging station to the customer's location. It is capable of facilitating simultaneous charging while also providing facility assistance. In addition, when swapping out the battery module, the NBPT does not interrupt power transfer.


Stand No.: S1430

Product Description: 

Cognitec's Entry Screen
Cognitec's Entry Screen is an advanced biometric system that takes high-quality facial photographs for rapid comparison with ID photos or databases. It also includes live person detection and animated user guidance for smooth authentication. Its elegant design, automated camera positioning, and ISO-compliant software offer fast, precise verification and identification results under ideal capture settings.

Exhibitor Name: Cognitec Systems GmbH

Stand No.: S2420L

Product Description: 

DESKO GmbH's DESKO PENTA Scanner® 4X is an all-in-one device for desktop use and OEM integration. The advancement of DESKO's best-selling product combines groundbreaking ID scanning technology with a highly adaptable housing design appropriate for a variety of working conditions.

Exhibitor Name: DESKO GmbH

Stand No.: S2420M

Product Description:

ENTER MED S.R.L.’s Aircraft Emergency Plan (PEA)
The HEELP PEA System is a cutting-edge technology that streamlines emergency and contingency plan management by providing early event detection, timely notification, crisis checklists, and disaster recovery procedures that are all compliant with ICAO criteria for complex coordination and automation. It is designed to work at several levels, ensuring safe information sharing and efficient crisis management in a variety of scenarios, hence improving overall emergency response capabilities.

Exhibitor Name: ENTER MED S.R.L.

Stand No.: S2220D

Product Description: 

LUXSOLAR's LXS TDPM Circle + H/V Lights
LUXSOLAR's LXS TDPM Circle + H/V Lights  provides a ground-breaking solution for heliport and vertiport TLOF area lighting that addresses visibility issues during heavy rain by replacing floodlights with ASPSL-LXS and CRH-LXS beacons. These tiny beacons, which satisfy EASA and ICAO criteria, readily integrate into existing infrastructure without requiring extra construction, ensuring maximum visibility without glare for pilots in a variety of applications.

Exhibitor Name: LUXSOLAR

Stand No.: S2130D

Product Description: 

inPiazza’s 2Guide
inPiazza’s 2Guide indoor navigation simplifies airport navigation by allowing travellers to find stores and services with a single click, improving efficiency and the passenger experience without the need for dedicated apps or additional infrastructure. This approach is consistent with inPiazza's omnichannel strategy, emphasising an engaging physical experience while innovating physical spaces and facilitating sustainable passenger movement within airports.

Exhibitor Name: inPiazza

Stand No.: S2220H

Product Description:

Via Guide’s Smart Shortcut
Via Guide's Smart Shortcut transforms airport lineups by dynamically routing passengers via Smart Gates or automatically calling them to counters, offices, or security checkpoints, increasing efficiency and passenger flow without requiring user involvement. This one-of-a-kind technology fits easily with airport operations, optimising processes and providing travellers with a more streamlined experience without the need for new infrastructure.

Exhibitor Name: Via Guide

Stand No.: S2333

Product Description: 

SAFEIFLY’S Drone Surveillance
SAFEIFLY's Drone Surveillance provides tailored solutions for comprehensive aerial monitoring, offering maximum security and protection for huge regions and important assets. Our cutting-edge drone technology allows real-time emergency response, allowing for more efficient incident management and resolution.

Exhibitor Name: SAFEIFLY

Stand No.: S1108

Product Description: 

GESAB’s DeskWall
DeskWall is an innovative system for managing, administering, and controlling equipment and information sources using a single keyboard and mouse, which improves operator performance.With DeskWall's dynamic, ergonomic, and versatile features, the operator will have complete control without compromising their well-being.

Exhibitor Name: GESAB

Stand No.: S1135

Product Description:

PrehKeyTec GmbH’s MC 147 A keyboard with "swipele" OCR Reader
PrehKeyTec GmbH’s MC 147 A keyboard with Swipele OCR Reader is a cutting-edge solution for seamless MRZ reading of ICAO 9303 compliant documents like passports, ID cards, and travel documents, boasting a good-read rate exceeding 95%. Its high-quality design features programmable key positions, a customisable layout, and optional add-ons such as SCR, RFID, fingerprint reader, MSR, and touchpad, all while ensuring durability, ease of use, and IP54 protection.

Exhibitor Name: PrehKeyTec GmbH

Stand No.: S2420H

Product Description: 

SESTEMA DWC’S PISTAMATIC APP is a web app that has modules based on the GRF reporting format for the airport manoeuvring surfaces contamination assessment and another one that creates a daily report of the condition of the manoeuvring areas and airport AGL systems, as well as damage reports. Aside from that, it also does wildlife reporting and birdstrike reporting and can be integrated with other systems.

Exhibitor Name: SESTEMA DWC

Stand No.: S2630

Product Description: 

TAV TECHNOLOGIES’ Total Airport Management Suite (TAMS)
TAV TECHNOLOGIES' TAMS is a ground-breaking AI-powered solution with unprecedented predictive and generative capabilities. This comprehensive and modular airport operating suite allows for multi-airport management, including precise flight delay predictions and seamless integration across crucial areas such as flight operations, resource allocation, and commercial activities.


Stand No.: S1439

Product Description:

DOLL Airport Equipment GmbH’s DOLL Safe Approach System (SAS) system
DOLL Airport Equipment GmbH’s DOLL SAS system employs a 3D camera to determine the distance between the car and the aircraft in real time. At the same time, the sensor system correctly detects any object that enters the danger zone and automatically stops the car within 0.5 m of any potential obstruction. In addition to camera photos, the huge display in the driver's cab offers information to the operator in the form of symbols and plain text messages.

Exhibitor Name: DOLL Airport Equipment GmbH

Stand No.: S2334

Product Description: 

Mena3D’s Complete 3D Measurement and Geospatial Solution
Mena3D's Complete 3D Measurement and Geospatial Solution combines cutting-edge Metrology technology, such as reverse engineering, inspection, quality control, and GD&T measurement. It also offers classic surveying applications based on GPS, GIS, UAV, and 3D laser scanning, as well as software from Riegl, Zoller+Fröhlich, Agisoft, JAVAD, Emesent, Velos, and other vendors.

Exhibitor Name: Mena3D

Stand No.: S2322