Airport Show
13 - 15 May 2025

Youth in Aviation Exhibitors


Akademikka Training Institute founded in 2020 is licensed by the DED Dubai Economic Department and accredited by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), offers an extensive range of 20 training programmes designed to provide participants with the best sales and marketing related specializations with a focus on aviation.

Main programs are Aviation management fundamentals, aviation business management, air cargo marketing basics, airports airlines management, airport marketing and commercial development strategies, aviation sales and marketing, airlines airports customer service basics.


Airways Aviation delivers a unique, globally focused, value-added education proposition to meet the ever-increasing demand for aviation industry professionals.

With over 45 years of experience Airways Aviation is now the world’s largest and most renowned privately owned multidisciplinary aviation education & training group.

Our certified EASA, CASA, ICAO, IATA, University and Military Pilot Courses, Bachelor Degree & Training Programs couple the most advanced practical & theory techniques to match the rapidly increasing demand for Airline Pilots, Military Pilots, Cabin Crew, Ground Handlers, and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers


Abu Dhabi University (ADU) Aviation Department focuses on enhancing safety and efficiency in airport operations, implementing sustainable practices in aviation, and exploring the use of emerging technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence in the aviation industry. Through partnerships with industry stakeholders, our students and faculty members are actively engaged in projects that aim to shape the future of aviation education and training in the UAE and beyond. Join us at the airport show to learn more about our innovative research initiatives and to connect with the next generation of aviation professionals from Abu Dhabi University.


Pier Seven Aviation, an EASA-approved independent simulator training facility based in the UAE. Our core expertise lies in offering a wide array of training services catering to flight deck personnel, airlines, and private users. Situated at Sharjah International Airport, our facility is dedicated to serving commercial airlines with both narrow and wide-body simulators.

We are pleased to announce the recent comprehensive upgrade of our facilities, including the addition of new EASA-approved A320-CEO/NEO FFS, B737-NG FFS , and the ongoing acquisition of a B737-MAX FFS to our fleet. This expansion brings our total simulator count to 7, encompassing the A320-200 FFS , B737 Classic FFS, and B747-400 FFS.

Pier Seven Aviation specializes in the following key activities: Dry/Wet Simulator Training, Pilot type rating and recurrent training courses, Type rating instructor training (TRI / SFI), Command Upgrade Course, and Tailor-made Airlines training programs.


JETSTREAM Aviation Academy is a European Training Organization under the EASA Part-FCL and Part-147 regulations providing training and services for: • Airplane and Helicopter Pilots • Aviation Maintenance Engineers • Cabin Crew

The organization is managed by professionals with extensive experience in a number of fields including but not limited to Civil, Military and Regulatory aff airs. Since its establishment in 2008 more than 4,000 aviation professionals have graduated from our academy and a growing number of Airlinesvincluding State and Regional carriers, Regulatory Authorities,Defence and security Forces have signed partnership agreements for training, crew assessment and recruitment.


WingsWay Training Institute (IATA Authorized Training Center) focuses on empowering students for careers in Aviation, Airports, Travel & Tourism and related fields. We unlock potential and guide students towards achieving success in the aviation industry with our internationally accepted short-term skill-based Certificate & Diploma Courses.

We were founded in 2019, becoming a globally recognized institution, catering to learners from over 70 Nationalities. Our approach and innovative teaching methods drive high-quality education in diverse domains, including: Aviation ● Airlines ● Airports ● Travel & Tourism ● Cargo & Freight ● Customized Corporate Trainings ● Management & Leadership Programs ● Procurement & Supply Chain ● Logistics & Transport ● Finance Trainings ● Human Resources ● Language Learning ● Quality Management Trainings ● & more…


The Emirates Aviation Association (EAA), established in 1994, has emerged as a prominent force in the UAE’s aviation landscape, boasting a diverse membership encompassing professionals, students, and enthusiasts from various industry sectors. Committed to fostering the growth of the UAE’s aviation sector, the EAA collaborates closely with governmental bodies, industry stakeholders, and educational institutions to provide essential resources and support.

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