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ITW GSE Press Release – Power by the Hour

Accelerate your sustainable development without major capital investments

With ITW GSE’s introduction of a fixed rate subscription plan for mobile Ground Power Units, the transition to greener products has never been easier or faster. You can even save money! 

The world is constantly changing. This year more than ever. Right now, the aviation industry is only a shadow of itself, but for sure it will reestablish itself with time.  In times like these, the most agile companies are also the most successful. Flexibility is one part of the equation. Another one is an up to date GSE fleet, ready to handle the challenges and changes that we are facing  in the post Covid-19 version of the aviation industry. In the past 15 years, emissions coming from aviation have increased by 70%. The aviation industry is now responsible for about 3% of the world’s CO2 emissions.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the governmental support packages available require that part of the financial help are spent on green technologies. While waiting for electric aircraft and biofuels, the industry must do what is possible to efficiently reduce emissions on the ground.

Switching to up to date greener equipment is normally associated with significant capital expenditures (CAPEX). However, ITW GSE’s new Power by the Hour subscription plan facilitates the green transition without any CAPEX and most likely with a reduction of your operation expenditures (OPEX) in addition. That was exactly the idea behind the creation of the concept i.e. to ensure that money would not be an excuse for staying with polluting diesel equipment.

Part of the same equation was the launch of the ITW GSE 7400 eGPU - the world’s first battery driven 400 Hz Ground Power Unit. Until that moment, there were no alternatives to diesel GPUs where infrastructure did not allow for solid-state converters. Suddenly, it became possible to remove more than 40% of the CO2 emissions from each turnaround, previously served by a diesel GPU. A great achievement, but ITW GSE were well aware that not everyone would be ready to jump on new technologies at the first glance; therefore, they started considering that customers want other financial options than simply buying an eGPU. The Power by the Hour proposal, shows that ITW GSE believe so much in their product that they are willing to remove all concerns – and make the swap from diesel to eGPUs an even better business case.  The advantages quickly add up: Savings, flexibility, scalability, reduced emissions, better working environment, access to the latest technology to mention a few. You basically just decide how many hours you will use the equipment per month, ITW GSE will handle the rest.

The obvious choice

A diesel GPU typically runs eight hours a day. The engine constantly runs at high speeds to generate the 400 Hz necessary to supply an aircraft with power. Therefore, it uses more than 40,000 liters (10,550 gallons) of diesel a year. The high workload means that overhaul, maintenance and repairs are a considerable expense. In fact, 2/3 of your expenses for a diesel GPU are operating and maintenance expenditures. Because of the higher operating expenditures related to diesel GPUs, you can replace all your old diesel equipment with new eGPUs on a Power by the Hour plan - and save money too.

Flexibility is key Pay only for what you need

Routes are changed, opened and discontinued all the time. New business opportunities arise. Others disappear. Agility and flexibility are therefore key words for running a healthy business now and in the future. On a Power by the Hour subscription, ITW GSE ensures you maximum flexibility. Your money is not tied up in hardware and you can easily scale up and down the plan to match changes in your current requirements. Both the number of units and the hour plan can be changed on short notice. If you exceed the hours available on a yearly basis, extra hours are simply charged on a flat rate basis, there are no penalties and absolutely no unforeseen expenses. You’ll know exactly what to pay month after month, all you really have to do is kick the tires and apply a bit of grease, the rest is on ITW GSE. PBTH is your chance to instantly go green with minimal financial impact. In fact, the good news is that the more you use your equipment the more you save. The illustration below speaks for itself.

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