Airport Show
14 - 16 May 2024

Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

2023 Exhibitor Showcase Channel

View the latest cutting-edge technologies showcasing the future of airport innovations

Our unique technology for air purification and disinfection – the foundation of all AIRLIFE purifiers – is the result of research collaboration with the world’s leading universities. Approved by independent laboratories and used daily in all types of environments. AIRLIFE purifies the air of all types of pollutants – aerosols, chemical and microbiological.

In collaboration with GDRFA, emaratech introduced the “Paperless Passenger Journey” system at Dubai Airports to allow travelers to walk through the airport touchpoints by just showing their faces without showing their travel documents. Utilizing the latest biometric technology, passengers can check in for their flights, complete immigration formalities, enter the Emirates lounge and board their flights, simply by strolling through the airport.

The Wireless Audio Microphone Desk is a new generation wireless audio communication system with the aim to improve the communication between the tug tractor, the headset man and the cockpit. It proposes the best audio quality with a secured DECT Technology thanks to an implemented speaker, a VOX option and a high performance microphone.

GuardREC AS is a customer driven company which is built upon the foundation of innovation, quality and dedication to delivering a world class recording and replay solution. Our solution is designed specifically for Air Traffic Control and compliance officers in bank and finance to help them stay protected and compliant. 

To help address some of the challenges around the sector’s path to recovery, Honeywell has a range of #HealthyBuildings solutions, to help resume operations while reassuring staff and travellers that you are taking the necessary steps to provide a safer and healthier environment. 

LUXSOLAR presents its innovative range of Low Intensity and Medium intensity Aircraft Warning Lights that can be remotely controlled by LUXSOLAR CLOUD Monitoring System. This is a SIM-less device and hacker-proof device based on a one-way protocol.

AGL remote monitoring and control on optical fiber: full range of devices and tailored software to deliver safety, efficiency and low consumption. Our internal software division can answer to your peculiar requirements and the engineering department develops integrable projects for the current infrastructure.

RAVEN BLACK is an innovative integrated airfield protection system from birds and wild animals.  The system includes automotive mobile and stationary parts located along the runway. RAVEN BLACK contains detection and non-linear parametric action.

(Note: Video is in French) Our environmental intelligence solutions, thanks to the use of AI and Edge IoT technologies, make it possible to collect and enrich data on the environmental conditions of an area, whether it is outdoor or indoor, and are made available to decision-makers to control environments or improve processes and operations.

The new elevator range, namely the Schindler 1000, the Schindler 3000, and the Schindler 5000, has the options available to reach the highest energy efficiency rating A according to ISO 25745.

With more than 70,000 field-proven installations in 100+ countries, Southwest Microwave's fence and buried cable detection systems and volumetric microwave and stop-bar control sensors offer integrated perimeter security and safety solutions for airport environments in harsh climatic extremes.

CEDD® is a contactless energy and communication technology. Airfield ground lights receive their power and data by means of induction and can safely be installed without making electrical contact. CEDD® AGL has 40% less energy consumption compared to regular 6.6A LED AGL, and is highly suitable for floating ‘Follow-the-Greens’.