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  • Airport Show Event Sector
    • Innovation Hub
  • The 19th edition of Airport Show will continue to offer our airport development teams and colleagues around the region an invaluable opportunity to view the latest global technologies, meet aviation experts from around the world and share ideas, best practices and create new opportunities for our industry to collaborate. The 2019 Airport Show features two co-located events; the second edition of b ...
  • Doordeck

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    Doordeck is a smartphone-based access control platform and the world's only true manufacturer agnostic platform, allowing users to open doors or any other network connected device. By using their phone's inbuilt NFC reader or via a QR code, users can unlock a door in a fraction of a second over WiFi or cellular instead of using a key card or key fob. What makes Doordeck unique is how it's installe ...
  • Flicq Inc.

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    Airport operations, especially land side ops usually offer a great deal of visibility and are easily digitized using conventional IoT sensors due to readily available power through cables and easy connectivity options such as bluetooth and WiFi.Most importantly, land side assets tend to be largely stationary in nature. However, the same sensor solution can't be applied to airside due to lack of ca ...
  • Limitless Insight

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    We have a Location Intelligence Platform that delivers customer experiences by combining customer & business insights. Utilising Location Analytics & Basket analysis we combine these into our recommendation engine to deliver personalised experiences. Within an Airport we are able to get customers through the Airport in the most efficient manner. Minimising queues finding the quickest routes and en ...
  • MinionLabs India Private Limited

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    MinionLabs helps businesses to reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device level electricity consumption insights using a smart energy device delivered through its Analytical platform.
  • Odiho

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    Did you noticed that PA announcement in Airport is difficult to hear ? At the boarding gate, did you undersatnd clearly staff instructions ? When waiting your flight, would it be better to get the sound from digital screens showing 24/7 info ? Instead of using old-fashion loudspeaker, ODIHO broadcasts one to several audio content on all passenger's SMARTPHONES, in HD and real time. The message (li ...
  • SenziMe

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    SenziMe  is a startup  Jamaica company that has indoor air quality monitor  name Senzi that is able to detect specific pathogens and gases such as: Legionella bacteria, Influenza Virus,Formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide gas, Carbon Dioxide gas, Nitrogen Dioxide gas and Sulfur Dioxide gas. Which is then filter into the machine and clean the air within 5 minutes and alert user ...
  • Slighter SAL

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    Slighter was created to help smokers achieve a healthier lifestyle through effective smoking reduction strategies embedded in our global impact smart solution.

Slighter features a learning lighter, an AI algorithm and an app, our solution targets 1 billion smokers worldwide that are considering to take a reasonable effort to reduce, quit smoking or monitor smoking behaviour. We are a team of 5 pe ...
  • Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd

    Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4
    Vacus makes Fog enabled IoT product for Indoor Positioning and tracking with an accuracy of 30 cms. The Flagship Patented CRF technology is the world's only micro-location technology which solves the interference immunity issue which helps in achieving a consistent and scalable solution. Primary application in Airports is for Productivity and Safety Enhancement.