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Minion Energy Management Solution

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In addition to reducing the environmental footprint, smart energy monitoring systems today should reduce operating costs, provide insights on energy consumption and manage load distribution. Energy monitoring usually involves captures from the overall energy consumption of a facility or consumption of defined areas or recording the individual energy consumption of each device. All of this would mean installation of multiple energy meters with complex wiring and intrusions.

What if you could introduce a single intelligent energy monitoring system that seamlessly gathers individual energy signatures of various assets and devices?

Minion a hand sized energy auditing device with much easier installations has the ability to analyse this data for valuable actionable insights with non-intrusive energy management solution. Minion senses each and every appliances, devices and tools turning ON and OFF inside the building and gives you a comprehensive report on predictive analytics and maintenance without burning a hole in your pocket. Minion is based on a machine learning approach that uses automation to train its state-of-the-art algorithm. The algorithm captures voltage and energy signatures at micro second speed to identify the individual assets used and study patterns of their consumption. It is powered by more than 10 million plus data points, a database of over 10,000 hours of energy signatures and currently monitors more than 1 Lakh assets in real time. With this, the algorithm is able to give accurate at 98.24% accuracy level and rapid analysis of multiple energy signatures at any given point.

Going a step further our algorithm can even identify the power source of the device whether it's a power grid, diesel generator or a green energy source. Energy management solution enables energy transparency, energy efficiency up to 30% savings, predictive maintenance and asset health monitoring and ensures safety through recognition of any anomalies like high & low voltages and power fluctuations.

Our Underlying Magics are:

  • There is no need of device level sensors to get device level electricity consumption.
  • Three steps Install – A Layman can install it as minion is plug & play.
  • No Plugins or Software needed, just login with a browser & start tracking.

The solution is suitable for all kind of retail facilities & Entertainment Malls, hotels & restaurants, small and medium enterprises SMEs, hospitals, IT/BPO’s, Government Buildings, banks, Automobile & Logistics, Energy Utilities, individual homes and housing communities or any other industry for the monitoring of machinery. Being Hardware independent, it can also be applied to any existing energy monitoring device.


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