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Odiho Stand: Innovation Hub - Hall 4

Getting intelligible announcements/messages in airport & public spaces is always a challenge. Most often, these audio contents are difficult to hear, and message is not understood or lost. 

Moreover, airports are evolving to become more and more a giant mall surrounded by boarding gates. Therefore, broadcasted audio contents can't be limited to flight announcements anymore. Passenger experience is a reality and airports around the world are fighting to be listed in the Best Airport Awards. 

Passengers need comfort also for audio in the different section of the airport: Boarding gates call, entertainment corners, duty free shops, bars/restaurants, waiting areas... 

This means that audio has to be intelligible yet non-invasive.
Old fashioned loudspeaker suffer from a poor pattern control, it cannot focus sound on a precise point. This creates unwanted noise, which is the N°1 annoyance. Result is stress, fatigue, rigging in the ears, sleep disorder, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular disorders.

ODIHO is using passenger own smartphone (which equipped 80% of the passengers to broadcast any sound contents in the airport. The smartphone becomes a personal speaker, and each passenger can take back control of what and how they want to listen. 
ODIHO can have multiple audio channels to fit different needs and satisfy the wide variety of passengers: 
- Flight announcements in different languages.
- Passenger guidance within the Airport.
- Passenger management at the boarding gate.
- ''Re-Sound'' led screens which are all muted, to improve their impact and Audio-visual experience
- Sound of PS4 and distractive corners for more quiet.
- Sound of advertising totem in the Duty free area

With ODIHO message, announcements are 100% intelligible and passengers are less stressed while waiting for their flights. 

ODIHO have been conceived to be easy and quick to use for the passenger: 5 seconds to scan the QR code, get our web-app and get sound. (no app to download).

ODIHO is available as a white label, or API. 
Business model is a licence depending capacity & duration, i.e. fully scalable.
Different options are available too.

ODIHO: the Sound On Demand


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